[Samba] New HP Printer Drivers wont upload (samba 3.0.11)

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Fri Jun 10 08:08:41 GMT 2005

En/na Gerald (Jerry) Carter ha escrit:
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> Phil Burrow wrote:
> | I'm trying to upload the latest Windows XP PCL6
> | driver for our Laserjet  4250TN to my Samba 3.0.11
> | server. It works, and uploads the driver files,
> | but then at the end it produces an error on the
> | XP client "the  operation could not
> | be completed". The logs on the samba server state:
> |
> | move_driver_to_download_area: Unable to
> |   rename [W32X86/HPC4250C.INI] to [W32X86/3/HPC4250C.INI]
> if you send me the driver archive or download URL, I'll
> take a look.

Any news on this issue?
Today I've been asked if an hp business inkjet 1200 is "compatible with 
Linux" (what that actually means is if it's possible to install drivers 
on the server for point&click printing), this time *before* actually 
buying the printer.
I downloaded the driver here


and I have the same problem, so I advised *not* to buy this printer, but 
I fear most newer drivers have this issue.


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