[Samba] Protocol Negotiation Failed

Matthew Covington mdcovin at physics.ucsc.edu
Thu Jun 9 21:51:21 GMT 2005

I have recently installed 3.0.10-1.fc3 on a FC 3 server.  I am trying to
set up a small homenet work with a windows box and a linux/winXP laptop.
The network is on a wireless router (though the windows box and server are

I seemed to have everything working and was able to mount drives of any of
the computers on both of my FC 3 computers.  I was also able to map shares
onto the windows box.  Explorer on the windows box was also seeing the
shares from both of the other computers.

The only thing that I know I changed was the smb.conf files on both linux
systems.  I added the following lines:
	hosts allow =
	hosts deny =
	valid users = username1, username2

After doing this, I was no longer able to browse shares on either FC 3
system using explorer on the win box.  I was however, still able to use

net use x: \\server\share

to map drives on windows.  The drive access seems to work fine this way.
However, it only works for mapping the server and not the FC3 laptop.

smbclient //computername/share

still works fine both ways between the linux computers.  However, I no
longer can mount windows shares on the either linux computer or use

smbclient //windowscomputer/share

or smbclient -L //windowscomputer

All of these give me a "protocol negotiation failed" error.

I commented out the above lines in smb.conf but still have not be able to
get the network functioning as it was before.

To add another piece to the puzzle, I booted my laptop in XP and set up a
share on it.  I can also map drives on the server (though not on the other
windows box (error 58  The specified server cannot perform the requested
operation) from the laptop in XP.

The FC3 server is capable of accessing and mounting shares from the XP
laptop, but again the laptop doesn't see the network shares in explore.
It tells me:  WORKGROUP is not accessible.  etc.. The network name
cannot be found.

Many thanks to anyone who can help me figure this out.


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