[Samba] Connection to Samba works for Win2k but not XP

Michael J. Wetmore MJW at peirce.com
Thu Jun 9 16:25:41 GMT 2005

This may be because you have 'encrypt passwords = no' in your smb.conf.
If so, a registry patch that was applied to the W2000 machines needs to
be applied to the XP machines.  The patch allows the machines to log on
with plain text passwords.

The patch for W2000 is OK for XP.

This has all kind of implications.  To see these and alternatives go to

Michael Wetmore

From: Douglas Vechinski
Subject: [Samba] Connection to Samba works for Win2k but not XP

At work I have a Linux box running Mandrake 8.1 and Samba 2.2.1a.  I
have the Samba server setup to request login in name and passwords.  
Several people have been connecting to this machine for the past several
years via Windows 2000 with no problem.  Recently some of us have
finally been upgraded to Windows XP.  When I no try connecting to the
Samba server, I get a login in prompt as usual.  However, typing in my
username and samba password does not let me log in.  Is there a setting
on XP that needs to be made or a problem with the samba server being "so

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