[Samba] Profiles tool doesn't write changes!

Amir Al-Shourbaji amir at csu.qc.ca
Wed Jun 8 19:16:08 GMT 2005



I am using samba 3.014 on Debian Unstable. This server was migrated to from
a Samba 2.28 server. Both servers were using LDAP. When I migrated I was
unaware of the issue of SIDs.

At this point some new accts have been created with the New server SID but I
still have old ones with the old SID.


I tried using the profiles script but it does not SEEM to actually make
changes to the NTUSER.DAT files. It just outputs what the changes would be.

Why is this happening

I am using


profiles -c OLDSID -n NEWSID /path/to/ntuser.dat





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