[Samba] Unable to join Windows2003 machine to Samba domain

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 8 18:53:52 GMT 2005

>The result is I get the message "Logon failure: unknown user name or
>bad password."
>I have set the root password with smbpasswd on the PDC machine.  I have
>many users in the ldap backend but root is in passwd.  Have I forgotten
Ah, Don, sorry, I quite didn't understand this earlier today.  First lets
check to make sure you have root really in smbpasswd.  Try "pdbedit -v
root" to see if samba even knows about it...

Also, since you have ldapsam as your first passdb backend, it's going to
want to use that backend...if you want it in smbpasswd, you need to list
that first.

You could also try using Administrator, if you have that in your

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