[Samba] NetworkedLaserPrinter

Tamas Hegedus hegedus at med.unc.edu
Wed Jun 8 16:28:27 GMT 2005


I am not a linux expert (but biologist). I have a RedHat EL 3 with samba 
3.0.14a installed from the source.

I have a networked HP LaserJet configured and working with cups.
Samba is configured as a PDC.
I would like to configure a samba print spool based on the 
Samba/How-to/small office. I faced with different problems at different 

A, smbclient does not show the printer in the list (smbclinet -L 
//pdc_name -U username);
B, I think this is not connected to the previouse problem: if I want to 
install the printer on an XP (already installed as 'local' printer, 
then); properties; ports; configure ports; network => I receive a 
message: no network printing protocol is installed; try to install 
tcp/ip or... I could not trace this error... (I have the tcp/ip protocol 
installed; I do not think that I need a special tcp/ip
protocol to be installed for printing)

#========== PRINTING
load printers = yes
printing      = cups
printcap name = cups
#cups options  = raw
show add printer wizard = No

    comment      = SMB Print Spool
    path         = /var/spool/samba
    browseable   = no
    public       = yes
    guest ok     = yes
    writable     = no
    printable    = yes
    use client driver = yes

Thanks for your help,

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