[Samba] NTLMv2 Authentication

d.a.glynos glynos at storm.cs.unipi.gr
Wed Jun 8 13:57:42 GMT 2005

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> d.a.glynos wrote:
> | Is there a (safe) way to strip all LM hashes from
> | the password database and retain/use just the NTLM ones?
> You can set 'lanman auth = no' in smb.conf.

I'm aware of this, IIRC it stops samba from using the old LM hashes.
But is there a way of deleting the LM hashes completely from the database?
Is there a "safe" value to reset them to? I don't want samba thinking
these are disabled accounts :-)


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