[Samba] "CREATOR OWNER" with samba

Joris De Pooter joris.de.pooter at atempo.com
Wed Jun 8 13:10:39 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter a écrit :
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> Joris De Pooter wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I just saw that my users don't have the right to manage their own
>>printing job (pausing, deleting...) .  I saw that a "CREATOR OWNER" 
>>token seems to do this job, but i'm not sure how I can implement
>>it with my Samba box.
>>Because "CREATOR OWNER" doesn't seem to be a regular NT4 group.
>>Has somebody any advice with it ?
> The current print security checks for removing jobs is based
> on matching the requesting client's user name against the
> owner of the job (sort of a built in creator owner) and
> then falling back to the manage documents permission in
> the security descriptor.   Pausing a job requires interaction
> with the underlying print system.  To you have an lppause
> command defined in smb.conf?
> cheers, jerry

Hello Jerry,

I didn't setup lppause/lpresume commands, my bad.
But, thanks for your explanation anyway, it's good to know how it 
works behind.

Cheers :)

Joris De Pooter

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