[Samba] updating samba via rpm

Ian Clancy clancyian at cel.ie
Wed Jun 8 07:46:15 GMT 2005

Stuart Highlander wrote:

>good afternoon,
>current status:
>samba pdc running samba 3.0.10-1.fc3 on fedora core 3 on a dell server.
>clients are windows 2000 pro workstations.
>authentication is via tdbsam.
>pretty vanilla setup.  no active directory, ldap, winbind, etc.
>i have downloaded the rpm's from samba.org for current stable release samba
>3.0.14a-1.  usually  i perform upgrades to samba server using rpm -Fvh
>samba-*, with this set of rpm's the update does not run using the rpm -Fvh
>i do recall list traffic that did not recommend upgrading this way, but have
>not had any problems in the past doing it this way.
>could someone steer me to documentation that would help me upgrade the samba
>software via rpm?
>i have downloaded and read the samba pdf manuls by john terpstra, jelmer
>vernooij, and jerry carter (excellent reading), but did not find my specific
>thank you,
I understand your predicament.
Redhat/ Fedora package Samba in a different way than the rpm you just 
downloaded from the site.  You can usually find 3 or 4 samba rpm's 
installed on Fedora 3 :

I can't remember exactly, but i think gnome-vfs2-smb depends on 
samba-common. Other gnome rpm's depend on gnome-vfs2-smb etc ....
The rpm from the site provides one rpm package :

If your not bothered about using gnome you can uninstall the Fedora 
Samba rpm's (stop samba first of course):
rpm --nodeps -e samba samba-common samba-client

then install the rpm from samba.org
rpm -Uvh samba-3.0.14a-1.i386.rpm

One thing to look out for. What was previously located in 
/var/cache/samba is now located in /var/lib/samba.

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