[Samba] problem with ie-cookies

Rainer Traut tr.ml at gmx.de
Wed Jun 8 07:16:35 GMT 2005

I just saw this post.
we have exactly the same problem with slight difference:

Win2k SP4 and Domain User: Cookies work once, but after roamed no more.
Win2k SP4 and Domain Admin: no problem
WinXP SP2 and Domain User: no problem
WinXP SP2 and Domain Admin: no problem

Anybody seen this?


Here is part of smb.conf:

         comment = Roaming profiles share
         path = /shares/profiles
         writeable = yes
         create mask = 0700
         directory mask = 0770
         browsable = no
         valid users = @users root
         force user = %U
         profile acls = yes

andreas burger wrote:
> hello,
> we run an win2k-domain with samba-servers on solaris 8
> the win2k serves only as logon-servers, userdata incl
> profiles are delivered from samba.
> we chaneged these days from 2.2.8a to 3.0.11 and have now a
> problem with ie-cookies on winxp-clients (sp1).
> cookies are not stored after the first time the profile is
> roamed. (even on same winxp-box)
> we can see, that ms did something strange with cookie-folders
> in local settings, that is overlayed or linked to the folder
> cookies in profile.pds, but after the first logout-logon that 
> link/overlay (or what ever) seems not longer functional.
> if i change the "profile acls = yes" to "no" the cookie-problem
> is solved, but we run in the good known profile-problems.
> any hints?
> regards
> andreas

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