[Samba] updating samba via rpm

Stuart Highlander fsb at ntwsdb.com
Tue Jun 7 20:51:29 GMT 2005

good afternoon,

current status:
samba pdc running samba 3.0.10-1.fc3 on fedora core 3 on a dell server.
clients are windows 2000 pro workstations.
authentication is via tdbsam.

pretty vanilla setup.  no active directory, ldap, winbind, etc.

i have downloaded the rpm's from samba.org for current stable release samba
3.0.14a-1.  usually  i perform upgrades to samba server using rpm -Fvh
samba-*, with this set of rpm's the update does not run using the rpm -Fvh

i do recall list traffic that did not recommend upgrading this way, but have
not had any problems in the past doing it this way.

could someone steer me to documentation that would help me upgrade the samba
software via rpm?

i have downloaded and read the samba pdf manuls by john terpstra, jelmer
vernooij, and jerry carter (excellent reading), but did not find my specific

thank you,


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