[Samba] Browsing [homes] fine with smbclient/konqueror, fails with XP sp2

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Tue Jun 7 16:51:37 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 16:42, Hamish wrote:
> Hi all
> Samba Server:
> SuSE 9.0
> Version 3.0.14a-SUSE
> security = ads
> (w2k3 AD server with sp1)
> After much head scratching, I have found this:
> My linux client (SuSE 9.2, Samba Version 3.0.15pre2-0.1-SUSE) can view the
> home share perfectly, with `smbclient -L smbserver`, and with
> smb:/user at smbserver in konqueror.
> Using an XP sp2 client, I cannot access the home share unless the
> permissions are 755 (it needs the group and others to be able to read and
> execute). When I do, files owned by the user are not available to them,
> unless I open up the file permissions for group/other.
> In the log, I was occasionally getting:
> smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(173) Failed to verify incoming
> ticket! But now I have just checked and there do not appear to be errors in
> the log when I access the share from an xp client.
> With other shares, where access is restricted to special groups or single
> users, it also fails in windows, and succeeds with smbclient in linux.
> What is going wrong here? Any help whatsoever greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> H

After more googling, i have found that others have experienced similar 

I can also use the ip instead of the dns/nmb name, and it works fine..
\\www.xxx.yyy.zzz\username - works fine
\\servername\username - fails

Although i saw people asking about this problem, I did not see an answer - it 
seems to be kerberos related, but has anyone sorted this out yet and have a 
tip for me?

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