[Samba] Problem listing group membership from Windows

rolf at tysvernett.no rolf at tysvernett.no
Mon Jun 6 22:03:27 GMT 2005

Siterer rolf at tysvernett.no:

> I planned using ifmember.exe from Windows 2000 resource kit to map the right
> drive-mappings to the right shares with logon-scripts. Unfortunately it seems
> as ifmember simply doesnt report the right groups for the users.
> Even tho "id user1" shows the right groups;
> "uid=2082(user1) gid=1002(Group1)roups=1002(Group1),545(Users),1000(Group0)",
> User is a member of group Elev\users.
> User is a member of group \Everyone.
> User is a member of group BUILTIN\Users.
> User is a member of group NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE.
> User is a member of group NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users.
> User is a member of group \LOCAL.
Additional info:

        add user script = ldapsmb -a -u "%u"
        delete user script = /ldap/deluser "%u"
        add group script = ldapsmb -a -g "%g"
        delete group script = ldapsmb -d -g "%g"
        add user to group script = ldapsmb -j -u "%u" -g "%g"
        delete user from group script = ldapsmb -j -u "%u" -g "%g"
        set primary group script = ldapsmb -m -u "%u" -gid "%g"

This is a LDAP-setup with an remote LDAP-server.
Are there any workaround when I can't use ifmember? I might use preexe to create
a logon-script for each and every user, but that seems very cumbersome and

I'll buy you a beer if anyone can help me on this one :)


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