[Samba] Re: Broken Samba in OS X. Any Alternatives?

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Mon Jun 6 10:05:12 GMT 2005

Il 06/06/2005, alle ore 8:12, Jeremy Allison ha scritto:

> Or Apple can learn how to cooperate with Open Source/Free Software projects.

Hi Jeremy.
I don't know anything about changes introduced in Samba by Apple in MacOSX
10.4, but I've actually read that some OSX 10.4.1 users had troubles
accessing a Debian server running Samba 3.0.14a, and everything started
working again after they downgraded Samba to version 3.0.10 on the server,
without changing anything on the clients.

So, I know that Windows clients have no problems connecting to Samba
3.0.14a (I manage myself such a network), but maybe the problem is also
partly due to some recent changes in Samba code.

As I also own a Mac with Tiger installed, I might be able to help you do
some tests, if needed.


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