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I'm implementing a Samba file server as a PDC, and quotas on filesystems are working very fine.
When a user clicks on a network drive shown on the "My Computer", it shows the amount a space
given to that user or that share. here there is a confusion: keep in mind that the system quota
will be reported automatically for the user space :"[homes] share, which is specific to the
current user on the system. however for any other share on Samba server, there is a tag that
should be added the configuration lines of that share, it is called "max disk size", which sets
the largest disk size to return to a client. It does not affect actual operations on the disk. =>
check this link for further information :

Quota should be implemented on the Linux file system, easily configured from the "/etc/fstab" file.

Read the attached document on how to implement quota on linux file systems.

Feel free to ask any other questions.

I love the Samba community, keep on!


> hi,
> I have samba-3.0.3(PDC), FC2, and now,  each of the  mounted drive is showing the maximum
harddisk space on my machine. i scare my users will use up my diskspace. is there any way to
build up a disk quota feature into the pdc? thanks.
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