[Samba] Home network problem

Lamont LamontAdams1 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 16:26:07 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I have a small (4 machines plus linux server) home network. All clients are
Windows (2 x 2000, 1 x 98, 1 x 2000 Adv. Server), samba (3.0.10) is running on a
Debian 3.0 box, and is configured as the domain controller. I'm not sure what
else is relevant, but I can gladly supply any additional info.

Any user can log in from any of the 2k/98 boxes, but the 2k-AS machine responds
to any attempt to login with a failure message about the NetLogon service not

I know this has to do with something odd about the 2k-AS box, as we've looked
and it doesn't have a netlogon service. I really hope this setup can be made to
work as this is my wife's box and she's really excited about getting to play
with Advanced Server. She installed the OS and took the "Stand-alone Server"
option when she installed it, and swears she hasn't tried to promote it. :)

Can anyone help me out in troubleshooting this? Or at least tell me there's no
way this'll work so I can stop looking?? :)



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