[Samba] SOLVED? HELP! After upgrade, can't get at my shares

Jim C. jcllings at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 04:56:56 GMT 2005

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Commented this out in the homes share and the problem went away:

;hide special files = Yes

What happened:

1. I rarely ever do upgrades.  Since I keep good backups, I almost
always do clean installs.  Keeps me honest with the backups for one
thing. Anyway, under these conditions Mandriva will sometimes assume
that any subdirectory under /home is supposed to be a user.  So what it
does under the conditions of a clean install is it will create at least
one user using one of these and assign that directory to them.  In other
words it created a user storeage (complete with mis-spelling) and
assigned the /home/storeage directory to that user.  This WAS my public
directory assigned to nobody.nogroup. I had to change it back in order
to make it available again. So anyway, that is not a Samba issue. I wish
Mandriva had back-ported the Samba packages so that I wouldn't have had
to cope with both an OS upgrade AND a Samba upgrade simultaneously. I
think that in the future I will download the old packages first and use
them after an OS upgrade for a while.

2. The line "hide special files = Yes" seems to be causing Samba to hide
ALL files.  That is why I could not access my homes share. It's
definitely a bug but it is one I can life with now that I know how to
get around it.

Methodology for solving this was to disable the majority of the lines in
the share and then enable them one at a time until the problem child was
discovered.  This was not a problem in 3.0.10

Jim C.
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