[Samba] Loading new profile: reverts to classic and cant change...

Ruth Ivimey-Cook Ruth.Ivimey-Cook at ivimey.org
Sat Jun 4 21:42:00 GMT 2005

Please help! I'm really confused.


I've been reinstalling windows on my windows xp box. The problems I had
earlier with the roaming user not able to log in at all are sorted: I
figured it must be samba caching the old sid of the old PC, and by forcing
samba to recreate it (move /var/cache/samba to samba.old) I found I could
log in with the roaming profile again.


The problem now is that settings on the login have been changed. For
example, before this I had "Coffee bean" background and the XP Themed
appearance. Now, as it loads, it starts to set coffee bean, then replaces it
with windows-blue, and the windows style is "classic".


Moreover, I can't change the desktop or theme at all, and icons refuse to
stay put if I move them. In the old setup, I had Outlook all set up nicely.
Now, although it starts up it says it can't load, and exits.


What's gone wrong?





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