[Samba] smbd slow to start when using ldapsam backend

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Sat Jun 4 15:12:51 GMT 2005

Matt Schwartz schrieb:
> Has anyone else experienced a nominal delay when starting smbd when the 
> backend is ldapsam?  I have noticed smbd slower to start after rebooting 
> my linux box.  The logs don't seem to reveal any errors.  If anyone has 
> experienced this and solved it, kindly enlighten me.

What is your "nominal delay"? is it half a second or several seconds 
(20, 30, more)?

Long delays when starting Samba may indicate:

- problems communicating with an LDAP server (is your LDAP server on the 
same machine as Samba server)?
- problems in the LDAP server itself
- configuration problems

You may increase the log level, both for Samba and LDAP, and see what's 

Quick checks:

Does "getent passwd" list all system users, including the ones in the 
LDAP server?
Is "getent passwd" fast, or rather it begins to slow down when it starts 
to list the users from the LDAP database?


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