[Samba] Failover Domain Setup Question

Adam Engel adamengel at specializedbusinesssoftware.com
Fri Jun 3 17:15:26 GMT 2005

Hey guys!

Here is my setup:

We have 2 buildings across several subnets. The buildings are connected 
by wireless radio connection.  The PDC is located at one building.  
Occasionally we have had connection problems with our wireless link. In 
the event that this goes down, we are placing servers in the second 
building so people can continue to work. If it goes down 100%, then 
users wont be able to log into their machines because the conenction to 
the PDC has been lost.

OS' are 98, 2k, XP.  Would setting up a BDC in that location make it 
possible for clients to authenticate with the BDC in case the PDC is 



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