[Samba] Roaming Profile Mix-Up Between Users

Marian Steinbach marian at kisd.de
Fri Jun 3 09:32:37 GMT 2005


We are having some trouble after migrating from an NT4 domain controller 
to Samba 3:

When there is no local copy of any profile on a workstation, a user can 
log in and his profile is copied from the server.

When a second user logs in to the same workstation after the first one 
logged out, he sees the profile of the first one. That is, he actually 
used it. His profile isn't even read from the server.

What could be the reason for this?

We have both WinXP and Win2000 workstations. Users where able to use 
their roaming profile on both systems back when we used the NT PDC and 
we would like them to so with the Samba PDC.

We hold user data in an LDAP backend.



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