[Samba] printing totally broken

Nathan Vidican nvidican at wmptl.com
Thu Jun 2 19:22:45 GMT 2005

Had a similar, if not identical problem on our network too. Wasn't so much a
problem with samba though.

Turned out to be a resolution issue between CUPS and any network print
servers (mostly built-in or external HP Jet Direct Units). Seems CUPS wants
a hostname to resolve one way or another to an IP address, we did manage to
fix the problem relatively easily at that.

We simply gave each of the printer servers on the network a legit hostname
and associated reverse dns entry as well and the delay pretty much
disappeared. Seems the HP units in particular (by default too) have various
protocols enabled, and reply using their own 'default' hostnames on the
network ... If no actual mapping for this hostname exists, then huge
communication delays occur between cups and the jet directs, which in turn
seemed to delay samba from requests to/from the queue... Like I said though,
simple DNS records did solve it - may or may not be the same for yourself,
but worth looking at nonetheless.

Nathan Vidican
nvidican at wmptl.com
Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.

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Hi All,

I have a serious problem with my Samba printing.  Basically, it is totally
broken.  The symptoms include client machines waiting forever for a print
dialog to appear, especially Win2k machines, and a complete inability to
get a properties dialog reliably.  I run Samba 3.0.14a + OpenLDAP 2.2.24 on
Solaris 8 on a V880.  My smb.conf is as below.  Any advice would be

lauterbur{33}# more /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf
## LCNI Configuration, passed through testparm, 2005.05.15.cdt ## # Global
parameters [global]
         workgroup = LCNI
         server string = Lauterbur Server
         passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://lauterbur.uoregon.edu
         password level = 8
         username level = 8
         log level = 2 winbind:10
         log file = /var/adm/samba/smblog.%m
         max log size = 500
         printcap name = /etc/printers.conf
         add user script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-useradd -m "%u"
         delete user script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-userdel "%u"
         add group script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-groupadd -p "%g"
         delete group script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-groupdel "%g"
         add user to group script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-groupmod
-m "%u" "%g"
         delete user from group script =
/usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-groupmod -x "%u" "%g"
         set primary group script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-usermod
-g "%g" "%u"
         add machine script = /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-useradd -w "%u"
##        logon script = logon.bat
         logon path =
         logon drive = H:
         logon home =
         domain logons = Yes
         os level = 33
         preferred master = Yes
         domain master = Yes
         dns proxy = No
         wins support = Yes
         ldap admin dn = cn=smbadmin,ou=People,dc=lcni,dc=uoregon,dc=edu
         ldap delete dn = Yes
         ldap group suffix = ou=Groups
         ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers
         ldap passwd sync = Yes
         ldap suffix = dc=lcni,dc=uoregon,dc=edu
         ldap ssl = start tls
         ldap user suffix = ou=People
         admin users = chuck
         printer admin = chuck, @sysadmin, root, @staff
         printing = sysv
##        print command = /usr/ucb/lpr -r -h -P'%p' %s
##        lpq command = /usr/ucb/lpq -P'%p'
##        lprm command = /usr/ucb/lprm -P'%p' %j

         path = /var/spool/samba
         printable = Yes
         browseable = No

         comment = Print Driver Area
         path = /usr/local/samba/lib/printers
         write list = chuck, @sysadmin, root, @staff
         browseable = No

         comment = Home Directories
         read only = No
         browseable = No

         comment = Domain Logon
         path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
         browseable = No

         comment = Roaming Profiles
         path = /usr/local/samba/lib/profiles
         read only = No
         create mask = 0600
         directory mask = 0700
         browseable = No

         comment = Lauterbur Staff Share
         path = /vxfsvol/staff
         read only = No

         comment = Lauterbur Public Share
         path = /vxfsvol/public
         read only = No

         comment = Office Administrative Share
         path = /vxfsvol/home/staff/office-admin
         read only = No


Chuck Theobald
System Administrator
The Robert and Beverly Lewis Center for Neuroimaging
University of Oregon
P: 541-346-0343
F: 541-346-0345

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