[Samba] "Unable to display security information"

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jun 2 13:12:45 GMT 2005

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jkelly wrote:
| Hello,
| When adding a new printer it appears in the list
| and the administrator can add the printer, but no
| one else can. The security tab for printers is coming up
| with an error ("Unable to display security
| information") when we try to access  it from windows
| (via the printers and faxes area). This does
| not happen with  the printers that are already
| installed (it comes up like a normal windows
| printer would). Is there something we need to
| add to the samba config to allow us to change
| the security settings?

What Samba version ? I made some changes to the code
that creates the default printer security descriptor
but I've not seen any issues with it.  And I don't remember
which version the change went in to.  Might have been
post 3.0.14a.

Can you run

`rpcclient samba -U adminuser%pw -c 'getprinter <printername> 3'

and send me the output?

cheers, jerry
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