[Samba] Samba Password Expiry Date

Hiu Yen Onn yohiu at shinyang.com.my
Thu Jun 2 07:49:30 GMT 2005


i have configured a Samba PDC based on idealx.org.
now, whenever i set the sambaMustChangePassword flag to 0, then
from the subsequent logon, there is a popup urge me for changing password.
now, the problem is after i have changed the password, the 
is set to 2147483647(unix timestamp), which if i converted it into human 
readable format, it will be  2038 year, bla..bla..and bla second. it is 
really unbelieveable that my password will be lasted until year 2038 
year??? i have looked thoroughly on the internet resources, some 
mentioning about on defaultMaxPasswordAge flag. I think i have set it to 
55 (actually, i dunno whether what is the quantity representing, day?? 
time??). but, i have no point to make it works.

so, i am seeking the solution making the password expiry feature 
avaiable in my pdc. FYI, i am using FC2, samba 3.0.3-5. thanks.


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