[Samba] Unable to change folder permissions on Win2K after migrating PDC to 3.0.14a from 2.2.1a

Stefan Mayer stefan.mayer at freakmail.de
Wed Jun 1 21:35:22 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

after having some problems with file/directory permissions in general
when updating a roaming profile, I decided to upgrade to the latest
available version.

Installation itself went fine and after some hickups and reading some
manpages/docs I got it working again and I can login to the domain but
my Profile looks a bit screwed (desktop icons reset, folder
settings wrong, ...).

As soon as I try to change for example the folder settings, I fail
I don't get any error message from my Windows Box, the changes are
simply ignore (eg. switch fom web view to standard view for folders).

I browsed the web and the list and I found one guy, who had basically
the same problem, but unfortunately no answer in that thread.

Has anyone of you encountered this problem before?
If yes, how did you get around it?


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