[Samba] Accesse Outside...

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Wed Jun 1 19:24:11 GMT 2005

Deleo Paulo Ribeiro Junior schrieb:
> Hello!
> Today, my second client asked me if it is possible to have access, using Samba, from the data they have in their networks.
> I am trying to make this work but, despite of all my efforts, I can not access the shared directories.
> Could, please, anyone tell me if this is possible and how to make it. I have read a lot about it but I did not find any information...

Perhaps if you could write more clearly, someone would give you an answer?

So my guess is you have a Samba server with files in some company, and 
its employee (or boss) wants to access these files when he/she is at home?

VPN would be an answer here - try looking for OpenVPN, it has a Windows 
and Linux server/clients and is good supported / relatively easy to install.


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