[Samba] Clients keep one spoolss pipe open

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Wed Jun 1 15:22:23 GMT 2005

Hello list!

The situation is as follows (Samba 3.0.x):
I have two printers installed on my XP client.
One on a Samba server on which I am the printer administrator
and one on a Samba server I'm not.
When I open the printers window, the client connects to both servers.

After closing the window, the connection to the 
"non-administrator-server" remains open (=BAD), while the other is 
closed after some seconds (and the smbd disappears (=GOOD) ).
The XP-client keeps a spoolss-pipe open, so the deadtime parameter has 
no effect.

The problem is, that hundrets of users open their Word-documents in the 
morning and the default-printer object connects to the server and all 
this connections remain open although they are not used.

Has anyone an idea, how I might change this?
And perhaps an answere, what the reason is for the different behaviour 
on a server with or without admin rights?



Martin Zielinski             mz at seh.de
Software Development
SEH Computertechnik GmbH     www.seh.de

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