[Samba] Difference between smbclient&smbmount

Baptiste Mathus bmathus at free.fr
Wed Jun 1 13:54:33 GMT 2005

Selon "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" :

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> Baptiste Mathus wrote:
> | Question : Isn't it the same underlying lib that
> | smbclient and smbmount are using ? How about the fact
> | that I can access the share with only one of the
> | command ?
> Nope.  smbclient and the kernel smbfs module use
> different code.  smbfs does not support smb signing.
> The cifs fs does though from what I remember.
Weird ? Why develop two different access ways for finally accessing same type of
target ?!

Historical reasons ?

So, from what you say. I understand that WS2003 requires to use CIFS, what
smbclient is able to do and smbmount is not.

Solution : use the "mount -t cifs ..." workaround as I saw at some places ?


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