[Samba] How to prevent users from deleting users from domain via usrmgr.exe ???

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Fri Jul 29 12:15:17 GMT 2005


weird thing:
i thought when commenting out "delete user script" and "ldap delete dn" 
nobody is able to delete users from the domain.

what happens: users are deleted, to be more specific their samba 
attributes are deleted but not their posix values.

i won't let our admins delete users from our domain becaus we have 
another management to add/delete users to/from a domain.

adding does not work already because samba does not find posix account 
information and add user script is set to "blank".

i thought of setting delete user script to blank but samba does not care 
about that and deletes only samba attributes.

to be clear: none of the attributes of a user should be removed!!!

any help without patching the source?

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