[Samba] missing domain

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Thu Jul 28 22:00:39 GMT 2005

ashley maher wrote:
> I have a samba 3 install with 14 new xp pro clients.
> 13 of these I was able to join to the domain without any problems. (ie
> create machine accounts)
> The 14th required a warranty repair and I went to put it onto the domain
> recently (several weeks intervening).
> This machine claims there is no such domain when I try to join the
> domain.
> If I use on the rouge machine:
> \\servername\sharename
> I am prompted for a username-pwd combination and shows the share with no
> problems.
> If I use tcpdump during the above test it gives good output.
> However if I use tcpdump during a join the domian attempt no traffic is
> generated (on port 139 or 445)
> Clearly I'm missing something silly somewhere that is "obviouse" and I
> can't see so any ideas greatfully received.
> The 13 other XP Pro machines are happy.
> Regards,
> Ashley
> PS I even disabled the XP sign or seal just in case, which I've not
> needed to do for a while.

Whenever I've recieved back machines from off-site repair,
I normally go over the tcp/ip and firewall/anti-virus settings
with a fine tooth comb because frequently those settings were
modified by the repair facility to fit their needs.
It's not normally a problem, but a review of local/effective
security settings doesn't hurt either.
What you're seeing just strikes me that way.

Regards, Doug

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