[Samba] poor samba read performance (big files)

Hansjörg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at dlr.de
Thu Jul 21 06:36:16 GMT 2005


I am running a  samba-3.0.14a und RHEL3.
If we acesse the machine with a fast raid storage  wie NFS,
I can read a 2000M file in about 21s (nearly 100MB/s)
[root at rmvbs01 test]time cat 2000M > /dev/null

real    0m20.540s
user    0m0.150s
sys     0m2.680s

when I am using samba, the performance is very poor.
A Windows Clients ony reads with about 20MB/s
The same NFS unix client from above
with mount -t smbfs needs 280s to read the file.
root at rmvbs01 test]# time cat 2000M > /dev/null

real    4m42.186s
user    0m0.410s
sys     0m10.540s

Has anyone any idea what might be the reason for this big performance
Is it a problem related to linux smbfs?

I have tried serveral samba tuning parameters with no success

Is this a missconfiguration or can anyone reproduce or explain this

Thank you very much


#read raw = yes/no
#max xmit = 65535/8192
#sendfile = yes/no
#socket options = ....


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