[Samba] Dual-homed weirdness

Louis van Belle louis at van-belle.nl
Wed Jul 20 14:15:39 GMT 2005

sounds like dns problem,

do you have 2 dns entries for the server.
each network needs 1 in the dns.

if you dont use dns 

in xp c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc 
locate hosts
edit it and add 
IP	hostname in it.

try if this works if it does, you definatly 
know its resolve problems.


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] Dual-homed weirdness
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>I've got a setup where there's a Samba server, acting as a PDC, with  
>two interfaces - and  I've got the  
>following stanza in the smb.conf to have it only listen on the .1  
>bind interfaces only = true
>interfaces =
>The setup is working well for most users - they can auth to the PDC,  
>mount shares, and their roaming profile works.
>However, a few users have XP Pro workstations that are themselves  
>dual-homed.  For those users, they can authenticate properly to the  
>PDC, but when it comes time to mount their profile, they get an error  
>about Windows not being able to find their profile, so they have to  
>use a local one.  They also can't directly mount any shares on the  
>server with the \\NETBIOS_NAME\ calls.
>If these users pull their plug on the .2 network, it works fine.  So  
>does anyone have any suggestions for things we can do, either on the  
>client, samba, or DHCP end, to work around this problem?
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