[Samba] Hiding not defined Printer Share

Neil Loffhagen Neil.Loffhagen at mon.bbc.co.uk
Tue Jul 19 11:01:37 GMT 2005


I hope the title is understandable?  We have several Samba file shares
set up on AIX 4.3.3 boxes and there are only file shares, no printers
are defined at all.  The files shares work great.  However, when users
browse the Entire Network in Windows Explorer (from XP Pro clients) it
shows a printers and faxes folder on each Server.  As there are no
printers on these servers is there a way to stop it showing this empty
printer folder?  Also, if a user goes to add a printer to their
workstation, when browsing for printers it seems to take ages.

Whilst searching the web for a solution found the following:
Where it states: "The Printers folder will appear even if you have no
printers installed on your Samba server."

Is there a way round this?




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