[Samba] Proposal to allow owning group to edit ACLs.

Matthew Easton info at sublunar.com
Tue Jul 19 01:45:28 GMT 2005

On Monday 18 July 2005 15:47, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	I've been spending some time with customers lately and I've
> discovered an interesting thing. Many IT departments completely delegate
> the settings on directory and file ACLs to the users who are interested
> in the data.
> Now I know the correct way to fix this is full NT ACL semantics and
> we're moving towards that in the future but an easy stop-gap solution
> for us is a new parameter, so I'm proposing a new parameter called
> "acl group control". If set to True on a share then it would allow
> both the owning user and the *primary group owner* of a file or directory
> to change the ACL on it.

Yes, please do this.  I want never again to hear my client  complaining that 
"Smith has quit and Windows won't let me edit or delete his old files."

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