[Samba] Antivirus for Windows with Linux administration console

John Little jlittle_97 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 13:25:45 GMT 2005

> Hello,
> This is not a Samba question itself, but it's somewhat related to 
> I am planning to replace the two Windows 2000 Server servers in a 
client company
> with two Samba PDCs with LDAP backend. Currently, those W2K servers 
hold the
> Active Directory and the the antivirus management console. And this 
is the only
> nuisance we are finding when moving from Windows Server to Samba PDC.
> If you have a Windows Server and Windows workstations, everything is 
all right:
> you go to the server and deploy and manage the antivirus to the 
> from the antivirus' management console (Panda Antivirus for Business,

in this
> case).
> The problem is what to do if you have a Linux server and Windows 
> Every management console I know (Kaspersky's, Panda's, Symantec's, 
etc) is for
> Windows Server.

You could try Crossover Office on the PDC for running running the
console.  They have a trial version at http://www.codeweavers.com/ .

> Do you guys know any way to deploy and manage a Windows antivirus 
from a Linux
> server acting as a Samba PDC? (we are ready to move from Panda 
Antivirus to any
> other antivirus as long as they provided a Linux management console)

Dr.Web (www.drweb.com) once ago announced Java based management console

for their corporate edition antivirus.

I don't like them much, I'm pretty fed up with running their antivirus 
checking e-mail (and I'm happy with ClamAV since I replaced drweb with 
clamav :-), they are good programmers, but management is not very good.

But if You pay money, probably they will pay more attention to your 
requests :-)

> Thank you.

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