[Samba] No more able to change ACL From Windows ??

Pierre Dehaen pi at drever.be
Fri Jul 15 09:51:57 GMT 2005

On 15 Jul 2005 at 7:57, brennion at buerstner.com wrote:

> I don't know what I've changed, but I'm no more able to change the rights
> from windows. It already worked for a couple of week... Is something wrong
> with my smb.conf ?
> [global]
> [...snip...]
> acl compatibility = win2k
> nt acl support = No
> map acl inherit = No
> force unknown acl user = yes

Why don't you use 'nt acl support = Yes' ?

BTW I still have problems myself to change the permissions from W2K/WXP 
(see my recent posts)... and I cannot find any help on this. It seems either it 
works for everyone else, either nobody ever tried to change the permissions 
from Windows, either the ones who know are currently offline.


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