[Samba] Mount logon Home dir on Linux (CTM)

Ian Dees i-dees at cornellcollege.edu
Tue Jul 12 12:54:11 GMT 2005

If you figure this one out, please let me know. I've been trying to do 
this for at least a year now with no luck.


Cristian Thiago Moecke wrote:

> Hmmm... Ok... I will be happy to if I can make a script that mounts 
> \\MY_SAMBA_SERVER\username siwthout asking the user for the password 
> (so, how can I tell the script to use the same password and username 
> of the current user?)... Well, for the users that dont have the home 
> dir in \\MY_SAMBA_SERVER i will just say "sorry" :D
> Cristian
>> I suppose you will have to add some scripting to manage the Linux 
>> clients. A script could ask the NT PDC about the user's home, and 
>> then mount it directly through nfs.
>> So the question for this list would be: how can I query a Windows NT 
>> PDC (no ldap) about a user's home directory. That script may need to 
>> have an administrator password to be able to query the PDC.

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