[Samba] Mount logon Home dir on Linux (CTM)

Cristian Thiago Moecke moecke at lmp.ufsc.br
Tue Jul 12 12:17:36 GMT 2005

	I will try to explian it better this time.
	I have a Windows NT 4.0 Server, that is the PDC on my network. I also 
have a FC3 Samba 3 server that is the file server, where most of logon 
home dirs are stored. In the NT PDC i set up most users to map Z: drive 
to \\MY_SAMBA_SERVER\username
	In the Win XP workstations everithing is wrking realy fine. Now i want 
to set up some Linux Fedora Core 4 Workstations too. I already installed 
the FC4, samba and winbind, everithing working fine too. I can log in in 
linux using my NT password.
	Just what I need now is to mount the logon home dir to the users who 
log in in the linux workstation. I didnt found out reading the docs and 
looking in the internet how can I do it (and IF I can). I can run a 
logon script that mounts \\MY_SAMBA_SERVER\username using smbmount, but 
that has 2 problems: firist, it will ask the password, but how i can 
make the script know the password? And the second problem: some users 
dont have the logon home dir in the MY_SAMBA_SERVER.
	So I think probably there is a better way to do it, maybe using pam.d, 
i dont know. Anyone could help me on that?

    Thanks for any help,
Cristian T. Moecke

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