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Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Wed Jul 6 00:25:50 GMT 2005

Eric Hines wrote:
> One more thing I forgot to mention.  The chapter calls for editing
> /etc/resolv.conf, but in my case it won't stay edited--it keeps
> getting set back to an original form (for searching my ISP) on every
> reboot.   
Use the GUI tools if you don't want to go hunting around for the config
files that control everything.  That is assuming that there is such a tool
that deals with your resolve order.  I wouldn't know myself, I have chosen
Debeian for it's usually straightforward layout.

> Thanks again.
> Eric Hines
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> Subject: 	Samba-3 By Ex Chapt 3
> Date: 	Tue, 05 Jul 2005 17:47:09 -0500
> From: 	Eric Hines <eehines at comcast.net>
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> I guess I'm ate up with dumb because I'm having a great deal of
> difficulty with this chapter. 
> I'm running Samba v 3.0.14a on an FC3 machine.  I've got two basic
> problems: one centers on my DNS set up and the other is an
> authenticated logon problem.  With /etc/nsswitch.conf set to "hosts:
> dns," I cannot ping my samba server--"Host not found." 

There shouldn't be any comma in there it should be :

hosts:          files dns wins

Where are you pinging from? From your windows workstation? From the server?

> Nor does <host
> lserver1.test.biz> (which appears in my /etc/hosts file) resolve the
> name (incidentally, "host -f ..." just tells me the f is an illegal  
> option).   WINS seems to resolve OK (at least the test for that in the
> chapter passes).  I've checked my files several times, and I can find
> no error in them. 

For what is below, are you doing this from your test server as well?

> The other problem is running smbclient //lserver1/accounts -U ehines.
> I'm invited to give the password, so that part is OK, but when I do,
> I just get an NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE message.  ehines is the owner
> of accounts and a member of the group that owns accounts.  I think
> this goes back to my logon file in /scripts (per the smb.conf set
> up), but I'm clueless as to what should be in that file.  That file
> currently has the following contents:     
>     net time \\lserver1 /set /yes
>     net use h: /home
>     net use p: \\lserver1\accounts
> Any help on these two would be greatly appreciated.
There was a thread titled logon.bat that started a bit before this one.
Have a look at that for example logon script settings.

Regards Geoff Scott

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