[Samba] Hyldest

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Sat Jul 2 06:44:13 GMT 2005

> Means "acclaim" in both Norwegian languages (there are new official
> rules out today for writing both of the 2 Indo-European Norwegian
> languages).
> What made me write this acclaim is the number of postings I've seen
> about Samba's instability - i.e. run-away processes, profiles going
> wrong, ACL problems and more.

if You want to run roaming profiles, You just have to pay some more 
attantion to this. No problem running roaming profiles on network like 

> My (high school) site with around 80 w2k workstations, of which maximum
> 40-50 are active all the time,  chucked out the old NT4 PDC in April/May
> last and is now running RHAS3/Samba 3.0.14a compiled on the Samba server
> (no-one but root has a shell login and it's firewalled) from the Samba
> org's Red Hat srpm - (as well as OpenLDAP 2.2.17) on an IBM 32-bit x
> series server. The uptime between a kernel update and the last reboot
> was around 40 days, the present uptime is 20 days.
> I'm a part-time sysadmin and work almost entirely remote, almost never
> have to go to the site for Samba.
> smbd processes get  neatly shut down and restarted at ws login and
> logout, there are no runaway processes, people's profiles don't get
> lost, MS Office works ok (though we try to encourage users to use OOo
> instead), everyone can print on the network printers, Nitrobit's policy
> editor works a treat (even the 1 1/2 local Windows sysadmins can
> manipulate it), good AV software, everybody's happy and stays happy.
> I don't know what more I can say. The whole point about taking the
> decision to junk the NT4 PDC was to gain performance (we have a Gb
> fiberglass backbone and 1Mb switches, so the network's adult enough),
> stability and security (the cracker kids and bots played havoc with the
> old  NT4 rig). Well, the decision has been justified a hundredfold.
> A lot of negative stuff has been written about Red Hat Linux as a basis
> for reliable enterprise operations. All I can say, after a year's
> operation with 5 RHAS3 servers at this site on IBM x series hardware, is
> that it's been 100% reliable and stable.
> Herewith my unreserved thanks to the Samba team for their part in the
> whole.
> --Tonni
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