[Samba] problem with patch ms04-044 breaking SMB printer shares

John Perkins john at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Jan 31 23:16:56 GMT 2005

We recently discovered after applying Microsoft Windows 2000 patch 
ms04-044 to our computers we can no longer communicate with our samba 
server we use for spooling printers.

- when trying to display printer queue status, we get a "Failed to open, 
  retrying" message across the top of the queue window
- from within various applications, trying to open a printer dialog 
  box using File->Print will cause the application to hang (presumably
  when trying to get printer information); eventually a list of printers
  will be displayed, but will then hang when the user tries to print 
  a job...the job never actually prints

Backing out the patch allows SMB printing via the samba server to work
properly again, but obviously the patched vulnerability still exists.

Has anyone else run up against this?  Are there known fixes for this 

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