[Samba] Samba on HP Itanium

Dukelow, Don ddukelow at hayes-lemmerz.com
Mon Jan 31 22:48:38 GMT 2005

I've down loaded Samba from HP's web sight and installed according to
instructions.  Loaded all support files and programs, but still when I
try to start Samba up the "libdld.so" file says it can't find
"libldap.so".  Which is true, it is no where on the system.  Although
other "linldap" files are.  If I do a search for "libldap.so" I can't
find it per say.  Put it does refer to other apps. which don't have
"libldap.so" in them.
HP is no help, is there anyone else who can put any light on this.
Don Dukelow

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