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Brent Smith samba at nextreality.net
Mon Jan 31 19:43:21 GMT 2005

Sorry if this is a dup.  I sent right before I subscribed to the list,
so I'm not sure if it made it.

I have just taken over a redhat system with Samba 3.0.0 configured
with security = user, and domain logins enabled. I've included the
smb.conf at the end of this message.

I would like to upgrade to 3.0.10 for a numbers of reasons, one
being security and one being that password changes don't work
from workstation machines because of the Windows KB828741
patch.  What I want to know, is if I should expect any
incompatibilities between versions or if my existing config
files will work with the new version?  This is a mission
critical system, so I really don't want to upgrade unless
there are going to be very minimal issues.

Will a simple rpm -Uvh ./samba-3.0.10-1_rh9.i386.rpm put me
in the clear?

Thanks for your help.

Here is some information about the system:

----- OLD RPM PACKAGE -----
$ rpm -qi samba
Name        : samba                        Relocations: /usr
Version     : 3.0.0                             Vendor: (none)
Release     : 2                             Build Date: Thu 09 Oct 2003 
05:12:20 PM PDT
Install date: Sat 11 Oct 2003 10:41:04 PM PDT      Build Host: *removed*
Group       : Networking                    Source RPM: 
Size        : 46416163                         License: GNU GPL version 2
Packager    : Gerald Carter [Samba-Team] <jerry at samba.org>
Summary     : Samba SMB client and server

----- NEW RPM PACKAGE -----
$ rpm -qpi ./samba-3.0.10-1_rh9.i386.rpm
Name        : samba                        Relocations: /usr
Version     : 3.0.10                            Vendor: Samba Team
Release     : 1                             Build Date: Wed 15 Dec 2004 
02:04:19 PM PST
Install date: (not installed)               Build Host: rh9
Group       : Networking                    Source RPM: 
Size        : 45453218                         License: GNU GPL version 2
Packager    : Gerald Carter [Samba-Team] <jerry at samba.org>
Summary     : Samba SMB client and server

----- smb.conf file -----
         netbios name = *removed*
         workgroup = *removed*
         preferred master = yes
         domain master = yes
         wins support = yes
         os level = 85
         encrypt passwords = yes
         interfaces = eth0
         hosts allow = *removed*
         invalid users =  bin daemon adm sync shutdown
         logon path =
         logon drive = U:
         logon script = logon-%G.bat
         add machine script = /usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -s 
/bin/false -c 'Machine Account' -M %u
         admin users = @smbadmin
         printer admin = @smbadmin
         domain logons = Yes
         min protocol = NT1

         comment = User Directory
         path = /usr/export/home/%U
         read only = NO
         browseable = NO
#       only user = %S

         comment = Network Logon Service
         path = /etc/samba/netlogon
         guest ok = yes
         browseable = no

         path = /var/samba/printers
         write list = @smbadmin
         guest ok = yes

         comment = All Printers
         path = /tmp
         guest ok = Yes
         printable = yes
         printing = lprng
         browseable = No

Brent Smith <samba at nextreality.net>

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