[Samba] Roaming Profile problems

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Jan 31 15:48:06 GMT 2005

> I tried to change logon path in smb.conf in an emty string, but no 
> changes, if I delete this entry in smb.conf, samba use a default value 
> and this is

Make sure you also don't have a profile share if you're using something 
like \server\profiles\%U, which is the default.  Setting a blank string 
should also work here.  Remember that your clients will probably 
remember what the profile path was for an account, so be sure to try 
with a fresh user.  Check the output of
pdbedit -v <username>
to be sure the server won't be giving out a (valid) default path.

> on the server.
> So I tried to change sambaProfilePath in ldap, I tried an emty string, 
> I tried to delete this entry but no changes. I still have roaming 
> profiles.

This one won't work.  An empty string in ldap, as far as I've found, is 
a deleted attribute, so it will default to the server setting.

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