[Samba] How does the UNIX end work?

Andrew Edmondson your-copy at uk2.net
Mon Jan 31 12:08:52 GMT 2005


I've been trying to find something on this in the docs but have failed so
far - perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place and if so please feel
free to reply with a link.

My issue is that files create on a samba share in windows are fine. The
file is created and is accessible by everyone straight away.

But, if I have a unix script create a file on the samba share at the
server end it seems to take some time (varies up to a minute) to become
available to the windows clients.

This has led me to think that there is a list of files which is updated
either at the request of smbd (due to access by a windows machine) or
after a periodic (every 1 minute?) scan of the files at the UNIX end. Is
there a way to shrink or remove this refresh time at all?


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