[Samba] lost connection to w2k3 -> very slow system

halemb halemb at wp.pl
Mon Jan 31 12:47:50 GMT 2005


I am using samba 3.0.10 connected to w2k3 (domain member) via winbind. 
Everythings works ok, but when linux (winbind) lost connection to w2k3 system 
works very slow. 
e. g. 
Loging to console -> 1min 10sec
Apache server -> I cannot refresh web site

usage cpu is ok -> about 5%
usage mem is ok too,

When I restart winbind or kill them everything works good.

What is wrong???
I have the same problem when I connected to w2k3 using 'net ads 
join' (kerberos)  and when I using 'net rpc join'.

halemb at wp.pl

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