[Samba] smb.conf.default and .example

Sebastian sebastian at tlkhosting.net
Mon Jan 31 05:40:26 GMT 2005

Hello, I just upgraded samba, but I was not sure if the smb.conf needed to be
re edited, because my portage installer wanted to replace my existing
smb.conf with a blank one. I figured perhaps there was syntax changes in the
smb.conf and I needed to re edit an smb.conf.example

Now I do not remember if a smb.conf.example came with samba3, so I was not
sure if any changes had to be made to my existing smb.conf. The reason was
there are no version numbers with any of the example files, version numbers
would have saved me some trouble, and it would be easy to place in the

I would think this would be beneficial to everyone, just my two cents!

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