[Samba] roaming profiles - filesyncing problem with 3.0.10

j.kierberger at wvk.at j.kierberger at wvk.at
Sat Jan 29 17:21:16 GMT 2005

Since I upgraded from RedHat 9.0b / Samba 2.2.8 to Samba 3.0.10 I have problems with the roaming profiles of my students. Although the log-files show no errors at all, several users reports me that they are loosing files. One time I saw the problem myself, when a user logged in and had not a single file in her 'Personal Files' after logging out and logging in on the same host the whole profile was replicated correctly. Even worse: Some files show the content from a few sessions before.
Searching the web I discovered that some admins on the debian-list experienced the same problem : http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2005/01/msg01329.html

Using the rpm for 3.0.10 for RedHat 9.0 the upgrade from 2.2.8 showed no problems/errors.


OS : W2K / SP4(SP3)
\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DeleteRoamingCache = 1 ( already used under 2.2.8 )

So, does anybody experience similar problems with 3.0.10 ?


but this setting I used already under 2.2.8, so

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