[Samba] Samba 3.0 PDC + LDAP: Workstation account disappearing

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sat Jan 29 16:45:31 GMT 2005

Luca Maranzano:


> Digging into LDAP I've found that the entry in the LDAP DB exists (I can
> see it with "slapcat"), but the strange thing is the following:
> - from "getent passwd" I can see the hpdx02$ user
> Output: hpdx02$:x:1128:515:Computer:/dev/null:/bin/false
> - "finger hpdx02$" reports this:
> Login: hpdx02$                          Name: Computer
> Directory: /dev/null                    Shell: /bin/false
> Never logged in.
> No mail.
> No Plan.
> - id hpdx02$:
> # id hpdx02$
> id: hpdx02$: No such user

Looks like a corrupt DB to me. You might want to bring down the LDAP
server and run 'db_recover -c' on it. 'db_stat -m' could help before and
after this.

OL 2.1.30 would probably use BDB 4.1, which is notorious for its
propensity to crap out DB files. IMHO (well, not just mine ;) OL 2.2.17
and later with (patched) BDB 4.2.52 is utterly stable (for me months of
up-time, user base of around 1.1150 keeping it working at full stretch
throughout the day). However, BDB 4.2.52 needs a carefully tuned DB_CONFIG
configuration file appropriate to the actual DSA that it's running on.
This means much Sleepycat doco reading and a careful understanding ow what
one's doing and why. The following site is extremely helpful:



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