[Samba] RID/SIDs

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sat Jan 29 16:06:59 GMT 2005

Daniel Corbe:

> The smbldap-adduser function works fantastically for adding new
> accounts to the system.  I already have existing accounts though in LDAP
> that I need to add all the Samba attributes to.  I was just going to write
> a quick and dirty little perl script for it; however I need to understand
> how the individual users are assigned SIDs first.

The info in this entire thread, plus the answer to what you ask, is
included in the Samba (v.3) PDC LDAP howto by Ignacio Coupeau, CTI,
University of Navarra, http://www.unav.es/. Obviously the RID/SID stuff
has to be known, to enable meaningful LDAP administration.

I'm an utter newbie to Samba (o.k., v 3.0.9 works fine for me as an
XP/2000 PDC with openldap 2.2.17), but I'm still finding things out at the
rate of knots, after a couple of weeks from scratch. Surprisingly enough,
the help facility on my single home Windows XP workstation is a gem on
RID/SID information, well written too. No, I do not normally like Windows
(or Microsoft in general).


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